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GMA Imports is considered to be one of the most outstanding companies in the field of importing, marketing and distribution through out Egypt; our non-stop success leads to our rapid growth.

Due to our reputation, GMA has gained the trust of both the suppliers outside, and the numerous distribution channels with in Egypt.

GMA has a unique character, as for the partners are five brothers which guarantees a cozy family atmosphere, reflected upon the performance of the employees as well as the workflow.

What's News:

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design, we hope that you will find it much easier to navigate and get the information that you want to know about GMA.

Our goal is to bring content to you in a professional and efficient manner, the site also has a dynamic structure that will enable us to keep the website continuously up to date with rich content.   Read more...

Business Concept

GMA has all the necessary tools to guarantee a safe and healthy storage for the goods; it owns more than 24 trucks and reefers, huge refrigerators for storage and enormous warehouses.  Read more...


- Aliminter
- American Rice
- Amica Chips


- Biscuits
- Caffee
- Candy


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